When it comes to roofing repair or replacement, there are a lot of things to consider as a homeowner. You’ll naturally be focused on making sure the price is right, getting the job done in a timely manner, selecting a qualified contractor and more. Something that may not be top-of-mind is ensuring your roof repair or replacement is thoroughly documented with photos – not just a few here and there, but a clear record from start to finish. Why do we, and many other roofing contractors, recommend this? There are a few reasons why.

It Helps to Ensure Your Warranty Stays Valid

Your new roof materials will likely be backed by a manufacturer – or materials – warranty. This type of warranty kicks in when your roof materials fail to work properly due to factory defects; in other words, something went wrong on the manufacturer’s end during production and they owe you free or discounted replacement materials, depending on where you’re at in the lifetime of your warranty.

A hefty caveat to this type of warranty is that it won’t take effect if the materials covered by the warranty were installed incorrectly. Manufacturers that offer these warranties will provide highly specific guidelines for installation, and if your contractor doesn’t follow them, your warranty will be voided and you’ll potentially be stuck covering the cost of replacement materials. Even if there are truly factory defects in some of your materials, your manufacturer could easily use your improper installation as a reason to not cover you.

If you take photos every step of the way, you can provide them to the materials manufacturer to prove your installation was done correctly and get the coverage you deserve.

Before locking in a contractor to do the job, don’t be afraid to quiz them on proper installation and the conditions of your warranty. They should:
  • Show you the manufacturer warranty in writing
  • Be willing and able to answer all of your questions about it
  • Be well-versed in any installation scenarios that would void the warranty, and make it clear they know how to steer clear of those scenarios

If they fail to do any of these things, you may want to consider going with a more qualified contractor who truly wants to protect your warranty.

You Can Get a Discount on Homeowners’ Insurance

Most homeowners don’t realize they can request a new roof discount when they have a roof replaced either by necessity or choice. With most roofs lasting for at least 25 years, if not longer, the fact that you just had a roof installed means you probably won’t need to make a claim again as long as you own the property. Photos of your new roof will help to drive home that you deserve a discount.

New roof discounts can range from single digits to 20% or more, depending on your roof shape and chosen materials (you may also be able to apply for impact-resistant or wind-mitigation discounts). Be very skeptical if you contact your insurance agent about receiving a new roof discount and the agent replies that the company doesn’t offer one. This is likely untrue as it is standard industry practice to offer this discount. However, some insurance companies don’t want to provide the new roof discount because it’s the largest cost savings homeowners would be eligible to receive. If you do encounter this kind of resistance, you shouldn’t hesitate to let the agent know you will start looking for another homeowners’ insurance company.

You Can Spot Pre-Install Issues

Some roofing contractors will already have a procedure in place to thoroughly document the work they’ll be doing (which is a bonus, because you won’t have to request it). They do this for the same reason you do – to cover their bases in the event of a dispute about the quality of their work. Their procedure might include taking photos even the first day they come out to evaluate the job, just before they begin installation or repairs, then every step of the way as they go.

On the off-chance that the contractor runs into issues that would require more work than initially discussed (such as rotted decking, for example), that can be documented with photos. Since you aren’t the one poking around on the roof, it’ll help you understand exactly what the problem is by seeing it with your own eyes. This also eliminates any lingering doubts about whether your contractor is being straightforward with you because you’ve witnessed what they’re talking about.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind

Sometimes, peace of mind is more important than anything else. Even if you’re beyond confident in your contractor’s ability to do your installation correctly or you don’t think you’ll need photos of their work in the future, it still doesn’t hurt to take them. Worst-case scenario, you go out of your way to do it and you end up never needing them.

You only have one chance to document your roof repair or replacement, so do it even if it’s just for the “in case” situations. That way, you aren’t up at night worrying about whether your materials warranty will kick in or if you’ll be able to justify your new roof discount on your homeowners’ insurance. Keep your own personal file with copies of photos from the entire installation process, and also have shareable versions for your insurance company and/or materials manufacturer.

Roof Repair and Replacement in Indianapolis

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