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Indy Roof & Restoration is not just a roofing company in Kokomo, IN. Established in 2018, our mission has always been to assist residential homeowners when they’re most in need. This often begins with enlightening our clients about the intricacies of roof replacement and its necessity. As a pillar in the community, our contributions go beyond mere construction. We donate to charities like Fountains of Hope, ensuring clean drinking water for those in third-world countries, and Habitat for Humanity, where we provide free roofing for homes built or renovated for the underprivileged.

Our commitment isn’t just about providing a sturdy roof over your head. It’s about fostering a community that stands resilient. Every roofing project we undertake is a testament to our expertise, top-tier materials, and unwavering dedication to providing great service to our clients.

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    Industry-Leading Roofing in Kokomo, IN

    Whether you’re in the market for a new roof or need repairs for your current one, we’ve got you covered. Our seasoned roofers in Kokomo can swiftly evaluate your roof’s state and offer genuine advice on the next steps, including project cost estimation. But our services don’t just end at the roof. If it’s related to water damage, we’re the experts to call. From robust slate shingles to diverse flat roofs, we cater to all your roofing needs.

    Engage with our roofing specialists to pinpoint the services you require and receive the best customer service. We’ll collaborate with you to devise the optimal solution that aligns with your needs, budget, and property.

    Why Kokomo Residents Choose Indy Roof & Restoration

    Since our inception in 2018, we’ve strived to uphold our A+ rating on the BBB. Our stellar ratings on Google Reviews, backed by hundreds of satisfied customers, further solidify our reputation for providing great service. Peace of mind for our clients is paramount. Recognizing the urgency of roof damage mitigation, we offer 24/7 emergency services to our Kokomo neighbors.

    Moreover, we present flexible financing options for eligible clients, ensuring you don’t have to postpone essential repairs or compromise on the quality of your roofing project. At Indy Roof & Restoration, we tailor a roofing solution that suits your requirements and budget, allowing you to rest easy while we handle the heavy lifting.

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    Your Trusted Roofing Contractor in Kokomo, IN

    When the signs of wear and tear start showing on your roof, be it due to age, storm damage, or other external factors, Indy Roof & Restoration is the name Kokomo residents trust. Our swift response ensures that your roof is inspected in a timely manner and a detailed report is prepared, either for your reference or for your insurance company. We have a strong rapport with most major insurance providers and champion for a transparent and prompt resolution of claims, backed by comprehensive documentation.

    Weather extremities, especially heavy rain and hail, are the ultimate tests for our roofs. Any seasoned roofing contractor knows that the quality of repairs and proper ventilation will soon be under scrutiny. That’s why our commitment to quality work and construction services is unwavering.


    "I can’t express how much we valued the comprehensive and candid roof inspection from Indy Roof. It's challenging to find trustworthy contractors. A friend recommended Indy Roof, and it's evident why. Their meticulous inspection and transparent approach were refreshing. While we discovered we didn't need a roof repair immediately, Indy Roof will be our first call when we do."

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    "Indy Roof & Restoration was phenomenal. They addressed the hail damage on my roof. Throughout the process, they liaised with the insurance companies, ensuring my roof's replacement. Their consistent updates kept me in the loop. Without Indy Roof's assistance, the purchase of our new home would've been jeopardized. I wholeheartedly endorse Indy Roof & Restoration."

    Joseph M.

    "We got our roof replaced almost two years ago, and it still looks impeccable! Indy Roof secured approval through insurance when other contractors deemed it impossible! Plus, they provided a free estimate before starting the work. I wholeheartedly endorse Indy Roof for both roof replacements and repairs!"

    A Satisfied Customer

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    Comprehensive Roofing Services in Kokomo, IN

    From lifted shingles to storm-inflicted damages, Indy Roof & Restoration offers a meticulous diagnosis, delving deep into the root causes and extent of the damage. Often, it’s not just the surface but the underlying materials and structures, including proper ventilation systems, that are compromised. Our exhaustive residential roofing inspection reports encapsulate these hidden nuances, vital for ensuring your roof’s longevity and protection.

    Our services are not limited to just roofing. We offer a plethora of solutions tailored to your needs:

    Every member of our team undergoes a rigorous criminal background check, ensuring you’re working with trustworthy professionals. Instead of risking a DIY inspection, trust the experts at Indy Roof & Restoration. We not only provide genuine recommendations but also offer a complimentary photo report and a free estimate, giving you a clear picture of your roof’s condition. After a thorough discussion, we’ll advise on the necessary repairs or replacement.

    Ensuring Quality with Every Project

    At Indy Roof & Restoration, we believe in a well-structured and informed approach, especially when it comes to insurance claims. Storm-related damages often affect multiple layers of the roof, including the wood and other materials. Our team meticulously examines and documents the full extent of the damage, leveraging our experience in construction services to ensure you get the repairs you rightfully deserve.

    We’re equipped to handle a diverse range of roofing types, from flat roofs and EPDM roofing to TPO roofing, custom guttering, skylight installations, and more. Your safety is paramount to us. Let us handle the intricate tasks, providing you with detailed inspection reports. After all, that’s what a professional roofing contractor is here for.

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    Expertise in Commercial Roofing for Kokomo, IN Businesses

    For businesses in Kokomo, IN, ensuring the integrity of their commercial roofing is paramount. The roof not only serves as a protective shield against external elements like ice dams but also safeguards valuable assets inside. A minor oversight, like an old roof with a few missing shingles, can lead to significant water damage, affecting equipment, stock, and other crucial assets.

    Indy Roof & Restoration, recognized as the premier choice for businesses, stands out with its team of roofing pros dedicated to delivering top-notch commercial roofing solutions in Kokomo. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to commercial roofing contractors in the region. Our legacy is built on trust, quality work, great communication, and an unwavering commitment to our clients.

    Protecting Your Business Investments

    Every business is a culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and investment. At Indy Roof & Restoration, we understand the significance of safeguarding this investment. Our range of roofing systems is designed to offer maximum protection, ensuring the longevity of your commercial premises and everything within. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that their business needs are always met.

    Whether you’re contemplating a full roof replacement for an old roof or urgently need repairs, our team is equipped to handle it all. Our solutions are tailored to suit the unique requirements of commercial establishments, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics.

    Secure Your Business's Future with Indy Roof & Restoration

    Protect your business investment! Call us today and let our expertise shield your establishment from roofing woes. Don’t leave your assets vulnerable—trust Indy Roof & Restoration for top-tier commercial roofing solutions in Kokomo, IN.

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    Why Choose Indy Roof & Restoration for Your Commercial Roofing Needs?

    Our reputation as leading commercial roofing contractors in Kokomo is not just built on our expertise but also on the comprehensive services we offer:

    Full Roof Replacement

    Whether it’s due to age, wear and tear, or storm damage, we provide seamless roof replacement services, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

    Urgent Repairs

    Time is of the essence when it comes to roof damages. Our team responds swiftly, addressing the issue before it escalates, saving you potential future costs.

    Customized Solutions

    Every business is unique, and so are its roofing needs. We offer bespoke solutions, ensuring your roof aligns perfectly with your business’s aesthetics and functional requirements.

    Choosing Indy Roof & Restoration means entrusting your commercial roofing needs to a team that values lasting relationships. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our deep-rooted understanding of commercial roofing intricacies, makes us the preferred choice for businesses in Kokomo.

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