It’s no surprise that some homeowners are hesitant to trust a roofing company. The media is never shy about broadcasting issues that homeowners have with contractors, and it seems like it can be hard to find a reputable roofing team you can trust. Indy Roof & Restoration has set out to be just that for local homeowners in Indianapolis! In fact, recently published our contractor profile that details exactly what sets us apart.

When our owner, Aaron Christy, opened the doors in 2018, it was with a simple vision that continues to differentiate us from the competition. Much like his family’s publishing company, he instilled core values into our organization that allow us to operate with integrity. We show up when we say, and deliver what we promise. It’s that simple! Of course, we do a lot more than that. Through continued education and industry-leading practices, we deliver truly exceptional service to our clients each and every time.

What Sets Indy Roof & Restoration Apart?

We’re here to set a new standard for roofing. Through our core values and from the vision of our leadership, Indy Roof & Restoration continues to evolve the way homeowners view roofing. How do we do that? It’s simple!

Client Communication

“Communication is key” is something we take to heart! We emphasize clear, transparent, and effective communication with our clients. That means being available when you need us, and answering your questions with honesty and in plain English. Indy Roof & Restoration wants you to fully understand everything that’s going on with your roofing project so you can have total comfort from start to finish! Whether we’re educating and assisting you through an insurance claim or answering your questions about whether a new roof makes sense, we only give advice and information we can stand behind.

Ongoing Education and Training

Our roofers are taught the value intensive focus and emphasis when it comes to repairing, maintaining or installing a new roof. Much of this training and education is provided in an on-the-job environment, while some elements are done outside of the job. Our contractors are educated, licensed, and committed to quality service. Overall, the process of training to become a roofing contractor requires intensive study and a desire to get the job done, and our people at Indy Roof & Restoration have just that! Some areas of critical focus include the following:

  • Latest technology
  • Quality materials
  • Equipment
  • Methods of construction
  • Regulations
  • Repairs

As roofing applications evolve, so must the expectations of our workers. Our team effectively works with materials such as steel roofs and other newer roofing types. Each roofing style or system has a specific installation method, and close attention is placed on the proper techniques that go into correctly installing the roof requested by the customer. Our in depth knowledge of materials, installation methods, repairs and maintenance is what sets us apart from the competition.

Indy Roof & Restoration team members must understand the importance of each component of roofing. Some areas of focus when learning about the individual components of the roof include the substrate, waterproof membrane, and insulation. Knowing how every portion of the roof performs together is critical to ensuring the project completes successfully and makes our customers happy.

Giving Back

In addition to investing our team, we also give back to our community as well as nonprofits and organizations we feel strongly about. It’s more than just providing legendary roofing services for our team! We proudly put 1% of all of our gross revenue towards organizations that help people throughout our community and the country. As we grow, we hope to increase the amount we’re able to contribute to these worthy causes!

Some of the organizations we’re proud to have partnered with include Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, and Fountains of Hope. We also help raised $40,000 last December with HailTrace to donate towards tornado relief in Kentucky! From contributing to new homebuilds for less for less fortunate families to raising funds to support nonprofits, it feels good to do good. Indy Roof & Restoration is proud to be a company that is bigger than simply the services we provide.

Hassle-Free Service

From your first contact with our team to the finished product, we make sure your experience with our team is unparalleled. From the highest level of customer service to unmatched quality in our products and materials, every we do here at Indy Roof & Restoration is designed to earn your 100% satisfaction.

Best Roofing Contractor in Indianapolis

Finding the right company or contractor to undertake a roofing project is essential for a homeowner or business owner. Look no further than our team at Indy Roof & Restoration! We determine if your roof is installed correctly and provide the ideal level of protection and security. We want every single one of our clients to be happy with the work we provide. So even though we spend a lot of time making sure your request is met, we will go back and fix anything you feel is not up to par. This we promise.

Our owner, Aaron Christy, is a successful entrepreneur with a distinct interest in the roofing industry and wants to provide area residents with an innovative company that accommodates modern needs. In fact, previous customers of ours have left rave reviews about their experience, such as Sunny Moon, who had hail damage to his roof. He states in his video testimonial that he needed a roof replacement as a result. He had the job done quickly and with a high level of satisfaction. He states that he recommends us to neighbors and acquaintances and that “It’s been great working with them.”

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When it comes to running a practical, modern business, Aaron is committed to giving the residents of Indianapolis the best experience possible. He is dedicated to his business interests, but he is also a devoted family man and enjoys spending time with his wife Whitney and children Addison, Amree, and Willow. Learn more about our team here!

If you need a roofing contractor with a vision and a drive to provide the best roofing solutions, contact us at Indy Roof & Restoration today and start working with a professional company with the tools, knowledge, and experience to exceed expectations!

Aaron Christy

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