When it comes time to repair or replace your roof, you want a smooth process. Unfortunately, some projects have their share of problems. Beth Peters had her share of troubles with a leaking roof. She hired a contractor to fix the problem, but a month later, she was met with refusal to finish the job. So now, not only did she have a roof in disrepair, but a half-finished job. Beth Peters was left with money wasted and problems unresolved. After sharing her story with CBS4 News, our team at Indy Roof & Restoration and other companies in the area joined together to finish the job the right way!

Indy Roof Partners with Local Companies to Help

Most contractors will work to correct any issues, but a few might leave you unhappy with the results, or in Beth’s case, refuse to complete the work. Peters received an $8,000 settlement from her former contractor after a refusal to show up in court. While Beth’s story has a happy ending, it shouldn’t have happened at all. Beth Peter’s wasn’t the only one that dealt with this shady contractor. Another innocent victim, Bryan Miller, hired the same contractor a year prior. Though this time, the company was going by a different name…

Bryan was told to pay half upfront, and the rest after. This cost him about $5,000. The contractor took the money and cut ties with Bryan, never even starting the job. Six months after leaving him high and dry, Miller filed a small claims case and he won by default after the contractor never came to court. Unfortunately, even though he won his case, there was no way to make sure the contractor would pay what Miller was owed. Miller said he was told by the city that since this contractor was not licensed with them, there was nothing they could do to enforce it. It was a victory won in vain.

It wasn’t until Beth Peters took her personal story to her local news station, that Miller’s plight was finally recognized. Beth’s story made headlines and caught the ear of Indy Roof & Restoration. They knew that Beth had gotten paid for the time wasted, but she was still in need of a properly installed roof. With a little assistance, elbow grease and ambition, our team came in to save the day. Beth Peter’s roof was repaired as it should have been originally and better.

Trust the Experts

With Indy Roof & Restoration, you know you’re getting the team that cares about getting the job done right the first time. That’s why we partnered with local companies to help Beth Peters! Of course, there may be times when you find yourself at odds with another, less reputable contractor.

If you’re at odds with a contractor, it can be stressful and frustrating. Not the norm from a professional roof repair company. Indy Roof & Restoration has experience helping homeowners deal with bad contractors. Here are a couple of tips for homeowners struggling with their contractors.

Put All Communication in Writing

Miscommunication can cause significant issues between contractors and homeowners. In some cases, the contractor gets involved with the project’s day-to-day operations, forgetting to provide you with updates. As a result, they fail to notify the homeowner of any setbacks. From the beginning, you want to establish an open line of communication with your contractor. Make sure to get everything in writing and keep all your emails, texts, and other paperwork. With that, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page. If there are any disputes, you can always refer to that documentation. With the project’s terms in writing, you can use that as evidence if you need to take legal action.

Understand the Process

When working with a contractor on a complicated project, there is a greater chance that something could go wrong. Mistakes can happen, but the contractor should be willing to work with you. An experienced contractor will do their best to get the project done to your satisfaction.

However, you need to set your expectations too. For example, if it rains for two weeks, then the roofing team will not be able to work on the roof. Those are unexpected delays. On the other hand, when the contractor fails to order a specific part or doesn’t show up on time, those are issues that you need to address. If the project is plagued with ongoing problems, speak to the contractor to get the job back on track.

Refer to the Contract

If you have problems with the contractor, always refer to the contract. As you already know, you need to have a contract in place before any work is done on your home. The contract can prevent problems with due dates or payments. Never agree to a verbal contract. Otherwise, your contractor could skip out on the job or deliver poor results.

When you do have an issue, always speak to the supervisor. The workers at the site are usually hired for that particular project, and they don’t know the fine details of the contract. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the individual in charge of the job.

Be Aware of Change Orders

Change orders occur when the contractor must alter the project’s scope. For example, if the roofer took off the roof and noticed that a part of the structure needed to be replaced, the contractor would request a change order for the job. While these change orders are normal, you will want to make sure the contractor is not making unnecessary changes to the project. You should never feel as though the contractor is forcing you to make modifications. If you don’t want to swap out one material for another, put your foot down and hold the contractor to the original terms.

You should not see a change order for basic work. Some contractors will give you a low price for the job, and then they will try to upsell you for basic services. If you have a dispute with the contractor, make sure to break out the contract. You need to put all of those expectations into writing. If the price seems too good to be true, always ask about those extra charges or fees.

Trust the Professionals!

In conclusion, you want to go with a licensed, reputable contractor to get the job done. If you are located in the Indianapolis area and you want honesty, competence, and great results from your contractor, reach out to us at Indy Roof & Restoration. We offer top-quality roofing services, including installations, inspections, and repairs. Our company even performs storm damage and emergency services as well.

You will never have to worry about the quality of roofing work with us. We have trained and certified technicians who will make sure the job gets done to your complete satisfaction. Call us today to book an appointment!

Aaron Christy

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